Zemin İstanbul

Istanbul City Lab Experience Center – Zemin Istanbul was launched in October 2018, as a Guided Support Project within the scope of the Istanbul Development Agency.

Since September 2019, Zemin Istanbul has been under the management of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Smart City Directorate.

The objectives of Zemin Istanbul are to identify, finalize and implement technology projects that are important to the city and the country. In addition, Zemin Istanbul hosts activities for children to get acquainted with technology, and encourages young people to produce projects in the field of technology.


To produce new values ​​and solutions by bringing together project ideas, technology producers, users and investors to develop the new generation of products and services needed by the people of Istanbul and Turkey.


The aim of Zemin Istanbul is to develop and implement technological projects that will produce solutions to the problems and needs of the city of Istanbul. This new generation of products, services and worldwide brands shall contribute positively to Istanbul and Turkey’s economy.